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Night fell on the toilers, and first Hiopa the wise Made the round of the house, visiting all with his eyes; And all was piled to the eaves, and fuel blockaded the door; And within, in the house beleaguered, slumbered best long haul small load movers forty score. Then was an aito dispatched and came with fire in his hand, And Hiopa took it. - Within, said he, is the life of a land; And behold. I breathe on the coal, I breathe on the dales of the east, And silence falls on forest and shore; the voice of the feast Is quenched, and the smoke of cooking; the rooftree decays and falls On the empty lodge, and the winds subvert deserted walls. Therewithal, to the fuel, he laid the glowing coal; And the redness ran in the mass and burrowed within like a mole, And copious smoke was conceived. But, as when a dam is to burst, The water lips it best long haul small load movers crosses in silver trickles at first, And then, of a sudden, best long haul small load movers and bears it away forthright So now, in a moment, the flame sprang and towered in the night, And wrestled and roared in the wind, and high over house and tree, Stood, like a streaming torch, enlightening land and sea. But the mother of Tamatea threw her arms abroad, Pyre of my son, she shouted, debited vengeance of God, Late, late, I behold you, yet I behold you at last, And glory, beholding. For now are the days of my agony past, The lust that famished my soul now eats and drinks its desire, And they that encompassed my son shrivel alive in the fire.
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